[SQL] The Blunder

✅ The Blunder

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Samantha was tasked with calculating the average monthly salaries for all employees in the EMPLOYEES table, but did not realize her keyboard's 0 key was broken until after completing the calculation. She wants your help finding the difference between her miscalculation (using salaries with any zeros removed), and the actual average salary.
Write a query calculating the amount of error (i.e.: actual - miscalculated average monthly salaries), and round it up to the next integer.Input FormatThe EMPLOYEES table is described as follows:
Note : Salary is per month.Constraints Sample Input Sample Output
ExplanationThe table below shows the salaries without zeros as they were entered by Samantha:

Samantha computes an average salary of 98.00 . The actual average salary is 2159.00 .
The resulting error between the two calculations is 2159.00 - 98.00 = 2061.00 . Since it is equal to the integer 2061 , it does not get rounded up.

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SELECT CEIL(AVG(salary) - AVG(REPLACE(salary, "0", "")))